Bows 1990-1999 - Click Photos to Zoom

Cabela's Grand Slam (1991)

Bear Jennings Archery 1991
T.J. Carbon Express (by Tom Jennings)

PSE (1994)


High Country Archery (1991)
riser colors

American Archery (1991)
"Challenger 3-D", "Eliminator 3-D and "Dream"

Hoyt ProForce (1990)

Astro Archery (1991)
Regency and Dominator XL

Suretrak Archery (1990)
Teton Scout (41" axle to axle)

Martin Pro-Series ad M-56/M54, Bow & Arrow, October 1995

PSE Archery (1992)
"Mach 5"

Hoyt ProVantage (1990)

Alpine Grand Teton Article, Bow & Arrow, December 1995

Martin Scepter and Cheetah (1995)

Onza with Mega Wheel and custom stabilizer. (1991)

York "Shoot -Thru Overdraw Bow (1990) (65% let-off)

Onieda Eagle (1993)

Alpine Archery (1990)

Hoyt ProForce (1992)
ProForce Carbon Plus and Medali

Martin Archery 1996
"Rage" with elevated stabilizer design

Martin Cheetah compound with V.E.C.
(vibration escape chamber)

Prototype Martin Scepter with Vibration Dampening System and built-in adjustable arrow rest overdraw.

Guzzetta Enterprises TLC4 (1992)
(physical weight-7 pounds)

PSE Archery (1990)
Laser-Flite Elite Series

Suretrak Archery (1990)
Centennial (42" axle to axle)

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