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Kam-Act from Martin Archery catalog (1974)
The Kam-Act could be adjusted to any draw weight from 20 to 80 pounds by changing the cable
between the limb and cam, had a positive adjustable draw stop, internal tiller cables and full draw length
Kam-Act patent
Roy Hoff
at the Safari Shoot in Fresno, California
Prototype Kam-Act
Ryan Martin holding a custom painted Kam-Act  Custom painted Kam-Act bows
Terry shooting the original prototype Kam-Act. He has a 28" draw and the prototype was set at 32". The fun challenges of R & D. (1973) Assembly room for Kam-Act (1975)
1974 Brochure
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1974 Brochure
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1974 Brochure
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1974 Brochure
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String Anchor used on Kam Act Photo shows how to string the power cable
Vegas 1974