One Cam Bows

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Len Subber testing our prototype
Diablo Dynabo
Prototype drawing (1976) by Terry Martin
Prototype Dynabos made by Len Subber
(photo by Len Subber)
Prototype Dynabo with lower flexible limb
Prototype Takedown Dynabo made of machined plate aluminum  Takedown Dynabo (front view)
Lower limb for Dynabo Original prototype Dynabo (The first one cam bow)
Prototype Dynabo in take-down case Drawings from instruction manual
showing 6 position string adjustment
and rotating screws for draw adjustment
Martin Archery 1977 catalog page The Dynabo had a positive draw stop, was the first all string compound and easy take down feature.
Gail Martin shooting the Dynabo
Carlton Conky practicing for Vegas 1977
Martin Catalog 1979
Super Mag M-10
Cheetah Dynabo
Len Subber unstringing a DynaBo 
A bow press was not needed to adjust or
take down to put into a case.
Early one cam design made from Kam-Act  This is the original photo taken by Len Subber.
(cam is held in position for photo by rubber strip. It is in the ready to be strung position)
Prototype triple limb one cam bow (1995)
Prototype triple limb one cam bow (1995) Close up of early cam
Jennings Uniforce XLR
"UnCam" one cam (1993
Jennings (1995)
Machined Extreme XLR
"1 cam" one cam
Jim Cox and others shooting Martin Dynabo in Vegas 1977 Martin Panther Versacam (1998)
Spartan (1977) Spartan Archery Center One Cam Bows (1978)
1-Cruiser (wood riser)
2-Challenger (aluminum riser)
3-Warrior (aluminum riser)
Spartan Archery 
Challenger Compound 
featured adjustable draw length 23 to 32",
30 pound adjustment range
Limb design featured four adjustment positions.
Bear Unicam  (1987)
York DynaBo 1978 Jim Cox Magnum Dynabo  (1982)
Jim Cox  Overdraw Dynabo  (1984) Martin Archery Dealer Dynabo Chart
Adjustable from 23 to 32" (1976)