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Original Art Young Bow 
(signed by Art Young)
Fred Bear "Grizzly" (19__)
(signed by Fred Bear)
Black Widow Bows (1998) Early center shot bow designs
#1-J.O.Lowell 1940
#2-C.J. Cameron 1931
#3-W.H.Wright & G.L.Thorne  1897
Bow designs 
#1-Cylon self bow, #2-India, #3-India composite hand painted, #4-India steel,
#5-India, #7-Turkish composite
Bow designs
#8-Bhutan composite, #9-Chinese composite, #10-Chinese composite, #11-Persian 40", #12-India

Bow Designs
#14-Chinese composite, #15- Chinese 32", #16-Korean sinew wrapped,
 #17-Orinoco self bow, #18-Alaska sinew backed
Frederickson Geimer Mfg "Gamemaster"

Howard Hill Longbow (19__) Larry Whiffen  with a custom built longbow from his collection (1976)
The bow was built by Roy Harbold in 1930. It took over 1000 hours to complete

Hoyt Hoyt

Mahaska Custom Bows (1997) Monarch Longow  (1992)
Predator Traditional Bows (1997) Sky Archery "Trophy" (1992) Earl Hoyt
Glenn St Charles  (1941)
Baleen backed Osage, horn tips
(signed by Glen St Charles)
Stotler Archery (1993)


If you are interested in learning how to build your own classic longbow contact Jay St. Charles
Jay teaches a great class each month. During the class you will build your own Classic English D Style Self Yew Longbow.
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