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Jim Soderstom (1990)
Produced by Ben Pearson Archery

Bert Fredrickson (1971)
Telescoping shoot-thru system

W.M. Folberth (1933)
Featured claims "to permit the feathers to pass the bow with a minimum of interference."

Lawrence Richard (1980)
Compound archery bow

archery sight design (1953)

Rex Darlington (1975)
"Force Multiplying Type Archery Bow"

Archery limb system
(modular system)


Groves Archery (1975)
Compound archery bowd

W.L. Gaskell bow design (1949)

Mel Stanislawski (1974) Spring arrow rest

J.C. Fisher early fall away rest design (1961)

Larm Recurve Bow (1971)
produced as Howatt "El Dorado"

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