Jesse Broadwater wins Vegas!!

Congratulations to Jesse Broadwater!

Jesse Broadwater edged out Chris White, Dave Cousins, Shane Wills, and Lee Ford to win the World Archery Tournament.

16 shooters started the day with a 600 score, but only 5 made it to the shoot-off. Excellent work to everyone who made it that far.

Check back for video and pictures from shoot off and all of the Vegas 2005 World Archery Tournmant in the next week. The shootoff, interviews with AT'rs, MUTANT footage and more, coming soon!

Click the link below for the low res version of the shootoff and some words from Jesse Broadwater. In a few days, when the hype has died down, we'll upload a better res file.

[High-Res (80mb)]

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February 11, 2006:9:42PM Putting the rest of the vendors up! We got distracted last night ... The pro shoot is at 3PM today so we will be down there to film that. Still have hats to give away!

February 10, 2006:6:49PM Scores are up and some vendors are going up!

February 10, 2006:8:17 AM is early. :/ Here we go! Today is Vendors and any AT members we run across. If I get a chance, I'll film a couple guys shooting.

February 9, 2006:Fog has us delayed our flight by 3 hrs or more.

February 8, 2006: Our bags are packed and we're taking 25 ArcheryTalk hats to give away to the first 25 people who find us in Vegas. What do we look like? We'll be guys with cameras wearing AT hats. :)

January 30, 2006: Admin and miked will be live at Vegas as we have been years before with video cameras and digital cameras in hand to show you all the new equipment and get you results (including the shootoff) from the tournament.

To our knowledge, this shoot is not televised by any TV network. ArcheryTalk is the only place with extensive photos and film from the event, including the shootoff.

To see last years shoot off, visit:

Admin and miked will being taking an AT group photo while we are there. We will post the time and place when we know.

Hope to see you there!

Last year's Vegas winner: Dave Barnsdale

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