We would like to let everyone know that our goal here at ArcheryTalk is to always provide our members with an outstanding website that is always FREE! With that said.....

Become A Supporting Archer, Manufacturer, or Retailer

Supporting Manufacturer/Retailer -$250 1 Year ($130 6 Months or $75 3 Months)
This will allow you to post ads in the ArcheryTalk Outlet Mall/Store and the Archerytalk Classifieds. Your user title will change to Supporting Manufacturer/Retailer and you will have Purple Stars by your username.

Platinum Supporting Archer -$100 1 Year
You will receive an Archerytalk Cap, Member certificate, and 4 Platinum Stars by your Avatar.
(items ship in 4 to 6 weeks)

Gold Supporting Archer - $50 1 Year
You will receive 3 Gold Stars by your Avatar.
(items ship in 4 to 6 weeks)

Silver Supporting Archer - $25 1 Year
You will receive 2 Silver Stars by your Avatar.

Bronze Supporting Archer - $15 1 Year
You will receive a Bronze Star by your Avatar.

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Over the years we have a lot of members ask if they could make donations to the site so we can expand features and content more rapidly. We also have a large number of companies who have asked if we could help get content from their magazines, videos, TV shows and even some online games on archerytalk.com!! Adding content is both time consuming and expensive. So we have created what we hope will be a great solution to meet our members needs and help out the companies that have made Archery what it is today!!

We would like to introduce ARCHERYTALK SUPPORTING ARCHERS! Any one who chooses to become a Supporting Archer would be helping support hardware costs, the addition of new features, and adding content!
In addition to content from a wide range of companies, we also have an enormous collection of magazines, books and other publications.
A few examples of new content:
* "How to" and instructional videos & articles
* Hunting techniques, choosing the right broadhead, selecting the right clothing gear for every adventure.
* Creating your own leather or wood projects, helpful ways to reuse old equipment.
* Hunting stories- the great classics and stories that have been lost for decades!!
* Effects of weather on arrow flight & best places for great outdoors adventures.
The list is endless. The information would cover every year we can get information for up to the latest & greatest innovations of our time! We are also working with an online game company to create an interactive online hunting experience; they may even include ArcheryTalk in the game.

As we stated before AT will always be free to our members! All members will be treated equally. Becoming a Supporting Archer just means that you want to help keep the site growing. All features and full access on the site will always be free. ALL members will be held to the same rules.
All of our members are important and your posts contribute to site and help us reach our goal of ARCHERS HELPING ARCHERS!
This is just an opportunity for members who want to help the site grow, contribute in another way!

Click here to become aa SMR or Supporting Archer Through our Paypal automated system.

You can also Join at The AT Shop with a credit card. This will take a few days to process.

If you have Any questions or issues joining, please contact: sales@archerytalk.com